Demonstrator - More than a theme switcher![WordPress Plugin for theme authors]

Hi friends.

Introducing a free WordPress plugin designed for theme authors. I had the idea to create a plugin like this long time ago when there were other solutions that required to edit the code. Editing code was not so user friendly and then I wanted to create a plugin that will provide the necessary GUI.

I’ll let you install it and do your own conclusion.


Live demo:

Some key features

  • Multiple switchers - you’re not limited to only one. Create how many you want. Each can have it’s logo, site url, referals and other settings.
  • Automatically append the referal ID to envato links.
  • Custom endpoints. Pretty links user and SEO friendly:{endpoint}
  • Shorten purchase URL:
    tf - Switcher ID. gustoswp - Theme ID
  • Themes with styles. A theme can have multiple demos. You can give access to all of them directly from switcher.
  • Unlisted, private or published. If you want to show a theme demo, but you don;t want to show it in the list of themes, you can make it unlisted. If you want to make it visible only to you, make it private. Default, it’s published.

More details on Github page:

Hope you’ll find this one useful and will help to increase your sales.

Have a great day!


This is absolutely awesome! @KingDog can this be added to the Helpful Resources for Authors page?

Finally someone replied to this thread. :wink: Yes, it would be nice to include it in “Helpful Resources for Authors”.

Awesome but How to Close it is a little bit difficult to know (at first). Click outside the Tab to Close is a little bit hard to recognize, I suggest to click on the Tab to collapse, or the X somewhere on the displayed layer.
Anyway, great job!

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I was thinking the same. Perhaps it should be possible to close on tab click also. I’ll come with an update shortly. Thank you for suggestion.

Thanks for sharing :smiley: that’d be greate if 2nd click will clode theme list panel

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@TheRubikThemes , @leafcolor , done. Version 1.2.1 fixes this and adds some other improvements. It’s updated on :slight_smile:

I would like to see the impressions/suggestions from anyone who installed it. Thank you. :slight_smile: