Demo page: network speeds indicative of theme performance?

When I look at network speeds on demo pages, I’m rather worried with the results. Are demo pages cached or not? Are they running optimally? If not, how could I determine the performance of a theme without that information?

It’s a complicated topic but a few things to consider -

  • All demos are hosted by the author not envato and some will have significantly better and dedicated hosting than others I.e. it’s not a level playing field

  • most will be cached but not necessarily

  • demos are displaying the full breadth of a theme with all the bells and whistles. In reality you are never going to need all that in place when using it so you will be able to slim things down a lot according to your requirement

  • you need to consider your own requirements, hosting, ability to minify and manage the theme, assets in use etc.

  • if you know what you are looking at then you can still explore some of the code and scripts to see what is happening but again there is an assumption that once purchased this will be optimised and customised to the buyers needs

That is very understandable. I also reached out to the dev who sad much of the same, but yes I was thinking about how I wouldn’t be using everything on that single page. They overload those demo pages with everything. Ok cool I’m more comfortable now thanks for the wise point of view!