Demo material inside theme

In the purchase bundle of a theme is there the demo material inside (images etc)? Specifically, i want to purchase When i install it without any modifications will i get the demo site or i should put my own stuff and create it from the beginning? The same for the other theme that i am interested in[page_layout]=fullwidth&tsc_options[background]=&tsc_options[menu_layout]=fullwidth_hamburger&tsc_options[menu_style]=1&tsc_options[top_area]=0

Thank you

You’d need to check with authors of each theme.

Mostly content and layouts will be there but images is rare due to licenses and ownership

Thank you very much for your fast reply. I can’t find the way to communicate with the authors yet.

Each item has a comments section but the demo content is usually also listed in the descriptions for example with the first one


Great. Thank you again.