Demo files

Hi ,

I found many items in CodeCanyon with demo feature
and I want to apply this on my items in GraphicRiver

I’m creating Photoshop actions and there is no ways to present demo file to the clients …

So I put Watermarks on the final result of action
and the client have no permission to edit it because layers are merged.

and this is an example [ Full Version vs Demo Version ]


I just want to make sure , Is it legal on the market ?
Please help me

Is it an action that your using to make the demo version? Wouldn’t they be able to edit the action itself and delete the steps that create the watermark and merge the layers?

Hi XioxGraphix,

Yes they can edit steps , but action depends on Brushes , and the Brushes contains the watermarks …

this is the difference between demo and full version brushes :

Ah ok, I suppose that would work, but then there’s still the issue of merging at the end.

Still, I’m not sure if this is allowed for GR items.

I downloaded your demo files, made a few adjustments, and now I have the full version with no watermarks and full control over the customization. Don’t worry, I have no bad intentions, only did this as an experiment which I’ll probably never use again.

I’m sure most people won’t even know how to do what I did, but it is possible, so I’d stay away from that idea.

Here’s my version using some random free stock image. (Most Actions use some sort of brush layer to highlight certain spots. I’m guessing you did something similar, since I don’t have the instructions, I wasn’t able to use that feature.)

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wow , you’re right …
I think you’ve deleted watermark text from brushes and re saved it
or you’ve used another similar brushes !!
and that’s easy for you because you’re a professional and talented designer …

So , I think this idea not the best to make Demo file
I’ve to review that and look for another idea

Thank you mate for your valuable time
and wish you a nice time :slight_smile:

No problem, glad I could help. Good call on deleting your file post!

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Thank you , Yes I’ve disabled the link until I find another idea :slight_smile:
Love you Mate :heart: