Demo domain and site domain for 1 license?

Good evening.
I want to ask you something. I want to buy a theme and in the beginning I will build it in a domain demo, because now there is another website with the regular domain. When I finish I want to delete the old site and transfer the demo to the regular domain. The question is, when I buy it the license is for a site. How will it recognize me when I put it in the regular domain? will he want another license to buy?

Another question is that the theme I chose does not have a child theme. What should I do;
Thank you very much


1.) there usually shouldn’t be any issue using one license for staging site and live site. But you should ask the theme author if his theme contains any form domain limitation on the technical side.

2.) to be honest, it is not really a good impression if the theme doesn’t come with a child theme as it is a good practice to use one, however, you can rather easily create your own, just follow this tutorial:

The theme is, who is the author, what is his email?

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