Demo doesn't work (WPJobus theme)


I purchased WPJObus theme but the demo doesn’t work. I have tried all but it doesn’t work. Also, I am getting an error in the front end as mentioned below.

This is the first time I am purchasing and this is giving me a very bad experience. Also, the tutorial is not updated as per the latest release of the theme.

Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpjobus/inc/colors.php on line 7

Warning: max(): When only one parameter is given, it must be an array in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpjobus/inc/colors.php on line 7

Better contact the theme author they should fix this problem and help you with the demo data.

Dear Hawk,

Thank you for revert.

I tried contacting the author and also posted in their support forum but there is completely no response.

I would like to take the refund and purchase another product from Envato itself. The theme that I purchased is full of errors and doesn’t work as shown in the demo. No support from the author and when I browsed his support forum, I found that the theme is full of errors.

The document that I was provided in the installation package is not updated.

As mentioned above, I would like to purchase another product from Envato by taking the refund.

Please suggest and help me regarding this on how to take it forward.

Hope I will get a better and positive response from your end.

Try this link

Use the link @charlie4282 indicated to see what are the requirements to get a refund. If you want another theme to purchase from themeforest describe what are your requirements/featured you need the theme to have.


Thank you for the below email.

As the WPJobus theme is not working fine, I would like to go ahead with “Job Career” theme. Hope it will work fine without any issues.

Link is mentioned below.

Please let me know how to go ahead.

Dear Evanto and Themeforest team,

This is to bring to your notice that the demo of the theme (WPJobus) is not working and also few of the topics which I have raised with the concerned support theme were also not answered.

I had raised a refund request (680116) which had got rejected by the theme author after 4 working days. I raised a dispute and have sent 2 to 3 requests to look into it and the same has also not been answered.

Can you please help me in getting my refund since there is no use of going ahead with a theme which I’ll not be using. As the theme had so many errors, I had purchased one more theme from Evanto and am happy with it.

Request you to kindly provide me my refund as it’s already more than 20+ days after I had raised my issue with you and the theme author.