Demo doesnt work for Hope-charity-theme

I followed the 5 minute setup docummetary of my licensed theme but did not get the full results as in the demo site. here is my url

Can some one help please.

I’ve never seen the video or what’s included but it looks from the demo like it has worked except that you still need to finish the process incl. adding your logo, assigning the correct front/home page and adding widgets in the footer



I was away for a while and i have not been able to connect online, i wish to change the background and ad a video to this section of the theme as circled in this attachment[cid:d9587247-77d2-4079-a1d8-610953ede1e6].

It’s difficult to say without seeing the back end but given it’s VC enabled you probably just need to adjust the BG settings of that section and change the image as well as changing the video embed code to a different video.

Theme related questions are better asked to the author of the theme. Without knowing which “Hope” theme it is you should look above the item image on TF and here’s a “support” tab with instructions

will you mind if i give you access to the back end ?