Demo Content Importer for TIME theme

I Installed and PAID FOR: TIMES - Extraordinary Newspaper Magazine Theme but the DEMO Content Doesn’t work. the theme also slows the website. None of the other themes I activate slows anything down, just the theme I want. but the demo contect is really annoying.

Hello @mac136

Might be something related to theme configuration or some other technical issue, I am definitely sure the author, who also offers support for this item, will be happy to assist you with this, you can contact him here:

All the best! :hugs:

well they have 24 hours to fix it or I will be stopping payment on my credit card. I bought the theme from envato market.

Just as a FYI - if you choose to challenge the payment with your card provider, then your entire envato account and all purchases there will be locked out until it is resolved.

Not passing judgement on your situation - just making sure you are aware so you don’t get any other unwanted surprises

I am not challenging the payment at this time… Just saying that it makes sense to not pay for something that doesn’t work… I’m getting support and if it can’t be fixed then I will request a refund for the theme…and if that doesn’t happen then I will contact my CC company… it’s being worked on… so will let you knows as soon I get an answer…