Demo Confusion

I submitted my first track on here and included the different sections of the track as additional audio files. I got a soft rejection saying that the preview must include the full track, followed by all the cut up sections with a one-second gap in between them. I haven’t noticed this with other demos on here that I have listened to. Is this a new rule?

Hi, on the preview file should be all versions of the track.

If the versions are just cut out of the main version, you shouldnt need to include them in the preview. If they are altered in any way they should be included. I always include every version myself.


If you are submitting a music file submission and have included variations, you must include any that are not direct excerpts from the main track in your preview .mp3. Variations that are direct cuts from the main track do not need to be heard separately on the preview .mp3.


That’s what I though. This is the reason I got for the soft rejection -

"Thank you for your submission

Your preview is incomplete. The preview must always be the full track + variations that are not simple cuts taken from the main track (also heard in full and separated by a second of silence).

Please take a look at that and we’ll be able to consider it again.

Many thanks"

But they alternate versions are obvious cuts and are in no way variations.