Deleted comments on theme comments page


Why do comments warning other prospective purchasers of a theme that there are problems with it get deleted?

I’ve read your FAQ and you say not to say anything detrimental about an author or theme. This means that purchasers like myself spend $59 on a product that doesn’t work properly.

Why is criticism prohibited? There really must be a good answer for this because knowingly selling defective products is an offence.

I can’t even name the theme in question, because this post would be deleted also. I spent days trying to fix it and eventually gave up, adding more to my costs!!


If the item does not work please open a ticket with the Envato Helpdesk. The reviewers will double check the item and disable it if needed.

If you are using the item for its intended purposes and it still doesn’t work (i.e. not trying to completely change the look/functionality of the item beyond what is possible/visible in the live demo/screenshots/documentation) then you may be eligible for a refund. More details about this are here:

If you are stuck with a generic feature or function you are more than welcome to ask here on the forums and someone may be able to assist. However if it is a unique feature or function to the item we may not know the answer.

If advanced changes to the items look/features are required, these are beyond the scope of what the item authors can assist with, and you will need to consult with an expert. You can hire people who are familiar with market items here: - I’ve had some great quick turn around times on client projects where the required changes were beyond my pay grade.

Good luck!



I also disagree with deleted and non objective commentaries. I bought a theme and had several bugs with. At the end the author asked me to request a refund! But I spent already one week setting up everything.

If the author can control the commentaries, then he can do what ever he wants. The buyer is cheated with commentaries and give his trust.

It is also not normal that there’s no access to a backoffice demo.