Trying to delete because this was resolved



You should not post your unique license number publicly. This is sensitive information.

If you provided a valid license certificate, then your appeal should not have been rejected.

Are you sure you used this license only for this video? If you’ve already used the license before on another video, then that would explain it.

If there is no such issue and the rejection was just a “glitch”, then I’m sure @Orchestralis will sort it out for you.

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Hi! Thank you so much, I did not know this. They actually went and accepted the appeal the second time. But I tried to delete this post per-your comment but I couldn’t so thanks for the help.

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Thank you for using our music and thank you for your patience!

I submitted your video for clearing today, I’m glad to hear that the claim has been released right away!
I checked to see what the issue was - please note that, In order to avoid rejections in the future, please copy/paste the text of the license into the dispute window, this will ensure that your video is cleared and the possibility of rejection diminished.

Hope this helps and, if you ever have an issue with our music and claims on YouTube, please send me an email at and I’ll check it right away!

Thank you again!

All the best,
Rafael Krux