Delete "no sale tracks"

Hi guys,

i am a “young” author here. I am wondering if it is appropriate not to leave my portfolio tracks that do not sell or have less potential. Is this a way to have a more efficient portfolio?



You can polish them. Very common.

I would typically leave them up until you personally feel that the tracks are not up to your current quality standards. There have been tracks here in the past that didn’t sell at all for a while and then became huge sellers. So my advice is if you are personally happy with the track and believe the quality is good enough to sell, keep it up.

Get it straight that every accepted track here has a potentional to be sold here in the end. While you have them in your portfolio there is always chance for sale. Once deleted - no chance at all. Of course you can uplpad your stuff on other stock, but you do not have guarnteed sales again.

Thanks for your advices guys!