Delete Items that aren't sale?



Dear friends,
As Audio Jungle author, We knew that it’s hard to get files approved for sale. But after time of listening and composing more music i realized that my old music is not quite good as now. So i have deleted some old items that is not sale. Tell me if you do the same.
Thank you.


Yes of course, I think so do all . I removed the 2 tracks and a pack in which the two tracks were, I think this is the sense to not clog the market!) :wink:


If the check was not, would be so strict you can monitor your portfolio yourself, but, as reception of your track is a great event many do not want to remove the accepted tracks are not buying.


During these 5 years, I deleted more than 20 tracks in the first place - they have not been sold, and secondly - maybe I belong to those people who are not happy with what he did yesterday (we call it “progress”) … Standards are rising , it is necessary to meet the level


:smiley: thank you very much.


Thank you very much. :smiley: