Delayed submitting option

Im submitting a new work right now and i thought…
What if we have a delayed submit options when we can choose when concrete we can upload our works.
If this option will be available - this will be just great.

Would be better if there is an option about choose publishing. :wink::joy:


I have always been in favor of such an option.

Back in the old days, there was concern “everyone” would choose to release on Monday morning or whenever the perceived best time was.

In 2019, it probably would make no difference at all.

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A good idea. An even better idea is to delay for a couple of years until better times (if they come)! :joy:


Perhaps you right

If they come perhaps we all already gone I think))))))

Yeah. That will be nice

Good idea.
I have an additional offer. I think the opportunity to “hide” some approved items would also be good. Sometimes you feel that the track needs some changes, but you don’t have time to work with it right now. And you did not want the track without these changes to be bought by buyers.


Its a very pity thing that the envato don’t want to listen us and dont do any changes.
Its s pity but true.
Im already seven years here and im shure my words here doesn’t make any sense.

The way it’s going, AJ is already doing a great job on hiding our tracks.


Yep. But this thing appear very rarely.
As usual im just got another unexplained reject