Delayed replies

It passed 24 hours
I submitted this 2 days ago till
better be specific with the days and duration of providing support


It might sometimes be a bit frustrating when you don’t get instant replies, but remember you are not the only customer that the author is trying to support. There could be various reasons for a delay:

For example in the UK we have basically been closed down with the Queens Platinum Jubilee and Bank Holidays.
They could also be experiencing technical issues, illness or something else.

I hope you get a response soon. Keep the faith :slight_smile:

I would listen to that if you authors don’t push us to come here on the forum
But it is like it is becoming a habit that whenever I submit a ticket I have to come here on the forum to let you know that you have a pending ticket


Of course the forums are here for support and help too - so don’t stop coming here because in one way or another we ALL NEED SUPPORT and HELP. I hope that your pending ticket(s) get answered soon, and best wishes my friend.