defintion of quality ?

Hi there,
Sorry, I don’t understand your defintion of quality ?

This is The Grendizer which I uploaded to your site :-

You said it’s rejected by quality, While you keep this Grendizer on :-
[link removed]

I don’t understand !

In a nutshell: 2020 is not 2015

this is hilarious.

can you please remove my account from your [word removed] site ?

No I can not. I am the same user as you. If you want to delete your profile, you can do it yourself. And please refrain from rude words here on the forum

Sorry sir, I didn’t know you’re a user, please accept my apology.
I am trying to delete my account now.

I would not act so impulsively. Wait for other authors to say their opinion about your work. You can heed the advice, fix your work and try your luck again. Many of us received a tough rejection in the beginning. Don’t give up! :wink:

Thank you Sir. I will :slight_smile:

I think on 3DOcean it is not allowed to recreate and sell a copyrighted character. Why you don’t create your own original character?

I have many original character Sir.
and the do have the same character on the site with very low quality
[link removed]
under the name Grendizer.

Marketplace standards increased over the years that’s for sure. That one was uploaded back in 2015. Now I don’t know the exact requirements for uploading a rigged character here on 3Docean but it’s worth to try again with another one.

Personally I think there is room to improve your shaders because now the colors are to dark and the actual combination between procedural and image textures is too flat. A manga character needs to pop up. Also you can add more mesh details.

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Your opinion is very important and useful to me. Thank you very much sir.