Defining "end product"


I’m looking to create weekly free videos (weekly sidereal astrology outlook) for YouTube.
I’d like to purchase a title pack, and music, that will be used as the intro at the beginning of each video.
I have 2 questions:

  1. Is the intro itself considered the “end product” that can be used for each weekly video under one license? Or do I need to buy a new license every week because the content of the video will change each week?

  2. If I purchase a graphics, text, or title pack has 500+ graphics, or something like that, and I use one out of the 500+ on a video, do I need to purchase another license if I want to use a different effect in another video in the same ongoing series?

Thank you in advance!


I hope you are doing well. First of all answering to your 1st question, you don’t t need separate intro portions or contents for your each video.
Secondly your don’t need to worry about the new packages. As you know, in YouTube if your channel or name becomes a brand it’s best to keep the same graphic.

Available for your other queries.


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