Defective Email Newsletters from Envato Market for Weeks - Fix Them!

Your free files email newsletter from this morning, 05/17/2016, is terribly broken. Several Envato emails from the last few weeks have been this way. All the buttons say ‘Call to Action Button’ and they all go to the Envato homepage, not to the free files. The webpage version of the email, linked at the very bottom, does work and goes to a page with working links. Other people have complained about this, but nothing is being fixed.

And you aren’t making it easy to even report problems with your emails. I sent you an email and I received a canned response about using the forums. So to even report a simple email issue to you that’s been ongoing for weeks, I’ve now chewed up over 20 minutes of my morning writing a useless email, then going to the forums and searching for similar issues, reading other complaints, and finally posting my own complaint. All pointless, because you haven’t even heeded what others have posted about this issue. You don’t even have a proper forum or topic to post issues, so I had to choose Hangout. WTH? Thanks.