Default Wordpress Theme as demo

I’m working on a Wordpress Plugin ( Advertising System with Analytics) .

Can I create my demo on a default Wordpress theme such as “Twenty Seventeen” or should I install it on a different theme?


From my experience, you can showcase your plugin in what theme you like, the one who best shows your plugin features. A responsive one, good looking will help you better. As a themeforest author, you can even use a theme you created :slight_smile:

But please be aware that a plugin should be theme independent, the user should get the same result from a plugin, no matter what theme he uses.

Good luck :hugs:

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I’m very familiar with Wordpress Plugin, is not the first one I build :smiley:

Thank you for your fast answer :slight_smile:

Can I put it in my themeforest theme demo? or will I have to setup one from 0 ?

I know :wink:

No need to create it from scratch, from what I know. It only has to show plugin’s features. If it is on a theme already installed and showcased, that’s fine.

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Hmm… I also have to bundle it with the theme … it’s not a bad ideea … for start

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