Default sort option to best sellers, Sales drop


I recently saw that the default sorting has changed to best sellers, I think from 7th of this month, which had made a dramatic sales drop, does any one else experience the same ?


This is Category Page Experiments


they keep on their infamous money losing experiments that every has identitified as being a mess for long, but they still need to test how much this is killing sales … lol


I don’t know why they did this! I actually searched something there but i failed to find that Item… Only top best seller Items was there… after 5-10 min. of searching i found that action i wanted!

In my opinion they should revert back to previous system… because new one is obviously sales killing feature!!!


they alternate right now accprding to a few friends and i could identify and this is why sales are as unstable as they can get lol i’d better laugh about it …