- service that help you to choose the most perspective themeforest niche

As I became an author i found out that it is pretty hard to analyse all the themeforest categories and items features for choosing direction to my next project. That why I spent good amount of time to create app that helps me tracking themeforest tendencies, look on ADP effects, determine must valuable functionality, choose correct tags, etc. I guess that such help will be fruitful for all authors and can bring up themeforest competition on new level.
So if you faced with such troubles DeepLab is what you need.

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It looks like you only dump the data, a critical-thinking stats like Stattie will be more useful to consider the strategy.
The table grid layout without any background, border is hard for readability. We hadrly recognize the line data number which belongs to which item (even - odd background or underline border is better).
Just my 2 cents.