Dedicated offers for companies - SaaS / CRM

I have a question for all of you.
We are looking for a tool that will allow us to automate the creation of cost estimates, or offers for dedicated companies
We want to find a platform / application that will allow us to click offers from among ready-made services. Our expectations are:

  • must give the possibility of discounting the sum of costs under given conditions (e.g. “if he chose more than 2 items, reduce by a 20% discount”)
  • must store offers created in the past and allow them to be tagged with keywords, so that in the future you can easily find a similar offer thanks to the search engine
  • it must look intuitive and attractive enough that we can look at it together with the client
  • must spit out a ready cost estimate in the form of a file, preferably PDF

Does anyone know such a tool that already exists on the market?