Decrease in sales for P.R.O. affiliated authors?

Hello! I’m farely new here on AJ but I’ve been doing decent with a sale almost everyday, sometimes more. However, with the changes with the P.R.O. thing it seems as I’m doing a lot worse. Right now I haven’t had a sale in 4 days. There might be another reason for this, or simply coincidental, but I don’t think so.

Have any of you noticed something like this since the change?


Sales on AJ are neither guaranteed nor are they regular. Last week I made 11 sales, then had a drop for 4 days… this is how it works here. If you start looking for a single explanation when it happens, you will go crazy! There are many factors that come into play, and no way to tell what impact these may have individually.


Yeah, I guess you’re right.
If a lot of other people had experienced the same thing, then maybe we could start to assume.
Thank you for responding!

same ! 11 sales until PRO changes launched ! then Dead for 3 days but yesterday sold 3 tracks ! maybe its just random ! buyers will get used to this i think because PRO affiliate doesnt affect them at all !

I had 4 sales at the end of September and then 2 sales at the beginning of October and now nothing for the last 6 days and I am not a member of a pro.

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That’s interesting. Thank you for responding, very informative!

Guys, it’s a bit too soon to make such conclusions. Once the majority of the customers get that they don’t have to pay more, they’ll get back to buying. Keep the heads up.

Yes, it’s too soon.
I’m just a little worried ^^

after changing to P.R.O. all stopped!

Same thing with me

same here.

Would you say that it’s unusual that your sales drop like that? Or is it simply the way it is?

I think it’s unusual after the P.R.O. changes.

As it’s been said, It might be a bit early to judge this.

I think it’s not… dramatically decrease of sales.

There are many authors who do not know what PROs are, which makes me think that most buyers probably do not either. So the impact of PRO registration on sales is most likely minimal at most.

Most of authors are obligated to know about PRO.
But buyers I think are a little bit confused and think it’s similar to adrev

Yes and some even think that PRO is the professional authors.

Lol! I’m sure some do :smile:

Tip: Just keep track of the top authors who are PRO registered and you will see what’s going on. There’s no point in trying to find trends if you don’t sell 200+ items per month.

And just a reminder, yesterday was a holiday in much of the US so it was a naturally weak Monday.