Declining a refund. What will happen now?

Hi friends. Today, I received my first refund request. The fault was mine,ok :slight_smile:
I edited the file and sent him. After than talking with customer, I declined the refund issue.
But the money didnt come to my account. Or it came, but cant I see it?

You already received the money at the time of the initial purchase, so it should have been credited to your account BEFORE the buyer submitted his/her refund request. The amount you earned is NOT held in escrow somewhere where you can’t get to it; if the purchase payment was successful, you get the money immediately.

When a buyer sends you a refund request, they are asking for you to return the money to them, so if you declined the refund, nothing will happen on either balance side (yours or the buyer). Only if you approve the refund request, will your balance actually get smaller, and the buyer will receive the money back from you (and Envato, since Envato is charging fees on each purchase as well).

thanks for replying. I checked my STATEMENT and saw these;
-19 July, Rookie Astronaut,xxx, Sale
-19 July, Rookie Astronaut,xxx, Sale
-19 July, Rookie Astronaut,xxx, Sale Reversal
-19 July, Awesome Recorder,xxx, Sale
before 19 July, I had 16 sales, and now have 18 sales…
1 sale is missing? :slight_smile:

also at my statement, I see;
-rookie a. sale
-rookie a. sale
-rookie a. sale reversal.

But I look at my item details, and it shows, "1 purchase-it is sold 1 time"
how this happens? :slight_smile:

You had one sales reversal, which happens automatically when a payment for a purchase did not go through. This is different from a sales refund, which only happens when you (or Envato) manually approve it, AFTER a buyer requested it.

Ok. I didnt know that. I thought it was refund request.
must I do anything for that reversal issue?
Or Envato does eveything in need?

A sales reversal doesn’t require any action from your end; all that is taken care of (automatically) through Envato.

Ok. Thanks a lot for your help.