Deciding how to display my blog

Hello, I have an Envato Wordpress installation hosted at

I am trying to get a blog set up. My difficulty is in displaying blog posts WITH comments, which of course every blog needs. Working with the theme, there are two ways to do this: use the classic Wordpress editor, which is limited in display options for the blog posts. Or, use the wonderful capabilities of the Envato Advanced Layout Builder. But!

I display my blog posts on a created page, using the Advanced Layout Builder, but I cannot figure out how to add a container into which I can insert the blog comments and my responses for any particular post. Maybe this is impossible (which a friend who checked with Envato support for ne said might be the case). This means I will have to use Wordpress’s Classic Editor and just try to get it to look as nice as what the Advanced Editor can do.

So does anyone have a suggestion for me? Plugins? Third parties? Custom coding?

Thank you for your help!