Dear Vdeohive, Are you................

Dear Videohive,

I just want to drop a short simple message to you.
Are you still alive!!

You used to be so beautiful and charming and I used to look at you like we were in a deep love relationship… I used to watch your every activities and feel blessed that I found you. After my family, you were the one that I was so hooked with and always keeps me motivated…
Its been now like 11 years, and we had came this far. In my life, with you ,I had accomplished so many things… Ahhh…I remember all those good days with you.

Ever since, you found out this love to the ELEMENTS, your love for me is dying.
What should I do now. Should I hold on to you, Should I leave you or should I dont care for you at all!. We both know, we both are not happy with whatever is happening. I won’t be giving up on you but how long can I hold it. I dont want to look at your elements, though I tried to looked at it, but it just only hurts and it is getting very harsh. I am trying to give you my love but you simply dont care rather you just put that unlimited downloads right on the top. Please dont be so rude.

Our relationship is slowly dying and people around us feeling the same. Please come back. Leave ur elements far away from us. Lets be together and united again.

with love and hopes…


That’s a sweet note. we need to accept reality. the videohive we used to see is long gone. It’s like a zombie zone right now. because few buyers are buying now. all the buyers are gone to a new paradise which is elements. I realized it two years back and started freelancing and working with several clients. with your skills , you will be a topmost freelancer where you can earn 15 times videohive earnings easily. Iam into elements too. its not that great compared to videohive we saw but atlease giving me some passive income to live.