dear reviewers, what are you doing ???



I just got an email and this is what it told me:

Congratulations! Your submission Emotional Cinematic Logo has been approved for sale on AudioJungle. You can view it online here:

enter link description here

bla bla bla

but the name of the item was “emotional cinematic” not "emotional cinematic logo"
and it was not a logo but a track.
I uploaded this track:
enter link description here
but they took one of my logos that’s already been approved and called it “emotional cinematic logo” but like I said, it was not a logo but a track called "emotional cinematic"
now I have 2 identical logos in my portfolio with different names:
enter link description here
enter link description here

somebody please tell me what to do about this !!!


Probably you made a mistake on the upload? Is this one of your logos?

Interesting to notice:
Envato does not do ID matching when approving new content. One could just copy another authors portfolio and make some money until he/she noticed.


I uploaded this track:
enter link description here
believe me, I didn’t do anything wrong


well that is very interesting :smiley:
You could update the tags and provide a reviewer message or contact support.


I’m going to do that, thanks !


ok, updated

**Emotional Cinematic Logo (Update) **
**Temporarily held for further review
Submitted 21 hours ago | Delete?

I’m really disappointed by this
shows me that they don’t care about it
really really poor


That probably means they got the error and are working on it and figure it out.
Your file won’t be forgotten, just wait for a response and keep producing awesome music :slight_smile: