Dear Envato : Why?


I’m looking quite all items on ThemeForest and i see so many similar things. Could you be kind to tell us why?

  • One page websites only? It would be great to also have a multipage alternative.
  • Bootstrap. Interesting thing, but why you make it an argument for sale? Many websites are great without Bootstrap.
  • Hamburger Menu. Hey! What’s that? Think about a visitor who has a 27" screen and he’s stuck there with a hamburger menu: 1 click to access the menu, 1 click to open a link. Waste of time just to be “different” ?
  • Wordpress: Visual Composer: Once again, can be interesting but why to make it an argument for sale? Have you seen the source code of a page made with VC? Why can’t we find some cool designs without Visual Composer?
  • Size of websites: Why everything is so big? Sometimes, using your templates, menus aren’t visible just because it’s tooooo big on screen, then the menu is hidden ( and not everybody knows they must use the mouse to go down )

These are just a few question, maybe i’m the only to ask…

PS: I’m looking for a Photography Wordpress theme : Nothing, absolutely nothing looks interesting.

Wish world was that simpler for the creators :smiley: