Dear Envato, thank you for make my life as I wish it!



Dear Envato!
Cant find correct words to say to all of Envato team how much I happy to join audiojungle!
Everything I dream all of my life, is just to make music. Thank you, thank to every member of this great team, thank to every reviewer, thank everybody! My life cardinally changed since I joined AJ, and this is so amazing, and all of it because of you!
Can’t shake each of you a hand personally, but infinitely thank each of you! May God give you prosperity and happiness! Thank you very much! Thank you thank you thank you!
I love Envato!
Alex Shulgin


:+1: Congrats with featured track


Thank you!


Congrats with featured track :+1:


Thank you my friend!


Congrats on the feature! :slight_smile:




Thank a lot!


Thank you my friend!




Congrats on the featured track! Awesome product :thumbsup:


Thank you!


Thank you my friend!


I congratulate Alex and join all his words about AJ !


Thank you!


Congratulations with getting featured file!
Envato is truly a life changer :wink:




Thank you!


Thank you my friend!


Wow :smiley: congrats mate