Dear Envato don't overuse dashboard notifications.

Dear Envato, please don’t overuse dashboard notifications to promote every new blog entry you publish. Content strategy is great thing, but respect to the authors even better. If I want to follow the blog posts I will happily subscribe by email.

Thank you!

That’s a weird thing to complain about, most of those posts are helpful and interesting.


It’s very easy… There is a button with name “Close”… Click it and forget notifications. There are people like news, Cheers…

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Bad that you have to repeat this close process on every device for every notification. Envato has other places too improve though so no complaints :wink:

Personally I like them and they are not aggressive form of internal marketing. I won’t say name of other shop but there You even can’t remove that kind of things.

I do believe that central top notification should be used for important announcements as tax changes, withdrawal delays, etc.

As soon you use it to promote every blog post that I don’t care about – I will develop a habit to ignore it or close without reading. There is a great panel on the right sidebar for all the blog stuff.

You should never give all the power to the marketing team, otherwise, their next step will be animated banners across the width of the dashboard with no close button available. These guys will never stop to improve conversions (¬_¬)

Fair point, @lumbermandesigns. Always good to hear feedback like this. I think the dashboard could definitely be improved and it’s not quite there yet, but it does serve an important opportunity for us to get the word out to community members who might otherwise miss useful or important info.

Where I would disagree however, and for the record, we definitely only use the author dashboard to either assist, inform, or educate authors, and it’s predominantly used by the community team. I think it’s rarely, if ever, used by marketing. It’s an “Author Dashboard” after all, not intended for buyers. :thumbsup:

As an aside, I think your comment about Marketing - “These guys will never stop to improve conversions” is actually a very good compliment to our Marketing team. I know they work tirelessly to promote Envato Market, it’s authors, and their content. You should see some of the newsletters they are sending out to buyers this year, pretty cool stuff, I personally love reading them. Exposing content to buyers is what a lot of (if not all) authors want and again, I have rarely (or ever) seen this on the Author Dashboard.