Dear Envato Authors, My first logo got hard rejected. I need to know what my mistakes are.

Hi, my first logo got rejected but they did not specify the reason. Can you give me some criticism and advice?

I think there is a discrepancy between the logo icon and the logo name. I mean, the logo icon does not clearly describe the shape of the building, I think it is more of an icon of letter “U” or a hexagon symbol.


hi i tend to agree with @Ilun-Ilun a bit but i would personally add that the combination of colors is not the best that u could have dreamt of and u need to think about complementary colors indeed. After this for me the font combination u used for the name is just not working in my opinion and the lack of space between the 2 parts of the name looks strange on the landscape version i would also flag the texts on the left

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Hi, thanks for your suggestions and criticism. As Ilun-Ilun says, I think there might be a mismatch between logo icon and text. But I guess I didn’t make the right choice of colors and fonts. I will try with complementary colors on your advice. I used DIN 2014 in the text font. What type of font do you think I should use? Besides, I don’t quite understand what you said last. " would also flag on the text on the left " ? you mean was I supposed to emphasize more the text on the left?

din is not a bad font indeed, especially the condensed version, now this is clean but not outstanding either , using this as the main font logo may lead u to lack originality …

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for flagging this is about the way you align text if align texts on the left u “flag” them on the left

Yes, I thought the same thing about the font selection. DIN is a clean and proper font. By choosing this font, I thought I would take the risk of less design mistakes, but this time it became boring. Maybe I should try a high contrast font like IvyMode or Minerva Modern. I’m looking for more dynamic fonts right now. But it is difficult to find a dynamic, original and proper font.

yeah u are right, just experience, u will see how it comes out indeed