Dear Envato and fellow authors, this is serious. (Default item order)

Though I am concerned about recent events, the yearly income graph won’t show a realistic trend for 2017, since it’s only April.
A monthly graph of 2017 could show the point when we get to the end of this month.

if you see the cap between 2015 and 2016, and know that we’re in april (so 1 quarter and a bit passed)
if you add on the Y axis what you’ve made so far in 2017, it seems you’re gonna make in 2017 in total around what
you’ve made in 2016, if you approximate. Not sure, but you don’t really have a downside to your sales…

for me, the 1st quarter was approx 40% lower than in each month I usually made last year…

…because of the tests…but since 8th april it seems they’re back with "new items first"
so…rejoice : )

in april so far i’ve made 3 sales, 2 of which today (12th) and yesterday (11th).

I checked the last 3 days and the search engine was back to normal with “newest items first”.

It feels that people started to find my tracks again,
and since I usually don’t make really that many sales a month,
for me 3 sales in 12 days is really great, counting that I haven’t uploaded any new track in april : )

cheers all