Dear Envato and fellow authors, this is serious. (Default item order)

this is an actual message from a client who bought multiple packs and tracks from me …
He told me about a new track that he kinda liked that got approved on tuesday and we talked a little bit about the market in general
when i told him about some thoughts i have for my future releases and how discouraged this situation makes me… this was his answer

actually he was kinda wrong on the barely found anything good and most are ■■■■ tho
but you can see how you’re passing old tracks to customers.
my point of view now is that all these changes, tests or website problems are only making things worst for the New and Non Topsellers…
Again its a company and Envato should make it work as they like and think its profitable for them…
We get it ! music industry is not fair but what you can do ! just complain and see our sales dropping 80%

Keep calm and enjoy the rollercoaster



Hope it is temporary and they will not set this settings as default

trust me i stay on envato searching for good things likely 4-10 hours daily […] barely found anything good

I don’t know what’s the problem. What is he thinking to get for 9$/track? If he wants higher quality music then there are other places to go, but over there you pay at least 5-10 times more for your license. You get what you pay.

And who said anything about prices?

For three years on Envato, I have never had such a small amount of sales. If this search algorithm remains, which works now, then writing new tracks will lose its meaning. My new tracks do not buy, because the buyer can not find them.


Almost dry here, also never faced this kind of low sale on my envato life!!

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This is the worst week for the last few years.

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Dear Envato,
many days past after category problems happen and there is no changes. Graphicriver is the only way to earn money for me and the current situation is very sad. I understand, this is great to improve your market and realize new ideas on it. And I believe that you want to make better. But please, make it without any affect for author sales. Maybe you try your ideas on test website of GR before introducing it on the working one or something else.

I have new works waiting for upload, but I fear to do it because of current problems with default category. Can you tell any news about how long it will be? Thank you!


If the plan should be to keep it like this, a partial solution could be a small overlay appearing at each login showing a motion of the mouse cursor going to “Sort by” and moving to “Newest Items” as soon as the customer enters into the category. This overlay could have a little title saying something like “Browse our newest tracks” for AudioJungle for example, would show the motion in a looping fashion and would have to be easy to click away - like click anywhere on screen sort of program, to make it smooth and quick for the customer.
All mobile friendly of course.

This could satisfy Envato, as they are going to display the Best Sellers, and make normal sellers happy (?) too, as they are gonna get the chance to get a direct spotlight, maybe even more than before since you invite the client to take action.


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If you haven’t seen it we had some more info about it. Thanks for info Trent! :slight_smile:

today is 3rd of april and since december last year they still testing.

My sales are incredibly low and I also do not have the courage to work more on tracks
because search order on all music is now “Trending items”, and it’s been like this for like the past 4-5 weeks I suppose,
which basically show ONLY MUSIC with STARS, which is hard to get, and also music with more than 25 sales or so,
in that zone.

What’s the chance for a really good new item to be bought, if search is by default on OLDER items that SOLD GOOD.



help ??


I think this issue will be solved by the team of Envato.

Dear envato team! Please change the search method to default!


Your last sale was $19 5 days ago. It’s not a “fun fact” anymore :joy:

“Your last sale was 8 days ago.” - I usually have 1-2 sales per day for the last couple of months… Bad days happen, but that was 2-3 day period max., not over a week… :confused:

I just got 2 sales, right after I wrote this… Black magic! :stuck_out_tongue:

zero sales :frowning:

I spent a lot of time preparing my last job. It’s no secret that up to 70% of the profits new authors receive from a new job in the first days while it is at the top. Further sales are getting smaller. You kill our income and all the desire to continue to develop your site.


yeaaaaaah, its back !!!

Thank you Envanto, I am very confident that you’ll favor of the author
Hopefully the data you get yesterday can increase the performance of you guys


it seems that “new items” search is back. I hope they had enough time to gather data
on sales and finished their testing.