Dear all of my friends please teel somthing about the logo template rejection


hi I am sorry but for me the main problem is this one, this is that the crown does not really look like a crown but rather the part of the head of an owl or a cat maybe …in addition, the typo is not 100% matching and clearly is rather flat, since there aren’t too many variations, font combinations and touches of originality so that in the end, u failed to generate relief enough and this part looks rather flat if u ask me. The fact of the matter is that u also have made some rather surprising choices in terms of colors that get u into trouble more than any other thing indeed. I guess u can identify that putting the logo in yellow color on top of a white background is clearly not contrasting much and definitely not values your work and by no way makes the illustration part look outstanding , not to mention that there is no real reason to put it in yellow color

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This is looking like an unfinished owl


or an unfinished abstract cat, possibly lol