Dealsdot theme not working properly

I have purchased the Dealsdot theme from you and have found the following problem and am having difficulty getting help Since updating the theme we have found the following problem,
The selected WCMp template for the vendor frontend isn’t displaying as it should do (despite that it previously was doing). It looks like it might be conflicting with another template because there’s an extra sidebar being displayed that shouldn’t be there and some other elements are not styled as they should be. and the header that should be displayed is set to “display: none” in the theme’s ‘style.css’ file.

the Dealsdot ‘style.css’ file. In this file, at line 3697, there is a styling rule that’s hiding this banner.
.tax-dc_vendor_shop .wcmp_bannersec_start {
display: none;

can you help please we are waiting to launch and this is now holding us up. Thanks Jane

Hi, please contact the author of the theme to get support:

I have but we are not getting a response

You can also try to ask via item’s comments section:

The author is the only one who can help you with this here, so you will need to wait for him to answer.

The alternative is to hire a developer, for example from

Its a theme error so i think they should put it right, can you give me the author contact details to make sure i’m contacting the right place please. This is causing us major problems & i’m wasting so much time trying to sort it out, and it is delaying our launch
it infuriating. Thanks Jane

Please give them time to get back to you. Author should reply as soon as possible but If the author not response within 3 days then you can think author response is very poor.

In the mean time you can post a comment in the theme comment page to let the author know that you are waiting for their support.


Can you give me the link to the theme comment page please thanks Jane