Dealing with licensing in my case


I would like to use the wordpress plugin bookly ( in my end product and don’t how to deal with the licensing. Bookly is only available under Standard Licensing.

The end product is a online management system for local barber shops. The client (local barber shop) registers on the website and get’s an account for the end product whereby he has to pay monthly to get access to the end product.

So actually I don’t sell the end product. The client has to pay monthly for the usage of the end product, but doesn’t get a copy (source code) of it. How do I proceed with the license of Bookly? Do I have to order one license of Bookly for each client?

If the author doesn’t allow extended licenses then you will need a license per client you have

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Thank you Gareth!

That means if I would use the extended license I could make copies (of the end product) as many as I want and charge the client for using the end product without ordering a license for each customer?

Yes, the extended license isn’t a mult-use license, the extended license allows you to use the product in an item which an end user is then charged for using / buying.

Your online system fits the requirements for an extended license as you are not reselling the item but allowing your customers to use the product as part as a bigger offering.

You can’t just resell the item by itself, it has to be as part as another product

As you are aware, the plugin author doesn’t allow extended licenses for the item so if you wanted an extended license you would need to find a similar plugin which offers the functionality.

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Thanks again. I would like to know how I should proceed in general with copyright signs under extended license as most plugin are marked with a copyright sign. Can I delete or edit it? Envato says that I can edit the item but I’m not sure about the copyright sign.

Best to ask the item author directly. Tell them what you would like to use the item for, ask them if it’s ok to perform your desired modifications, keep a copy of their written permission on file.