Dealer Features for Magento 2 eCommerece website

I m searching for some powerful Magento 2 extensions that bring necessary features for multiple dealers on my new site. Any suggestions? Thank you guys so much!

And features are…?

hi @Marry_06
I’ve searched and would like to recommend you some extensions that may meet your demand.
You can check:
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Thanks for your interest. I want to enable customers to become dealers and create their own stores on our site. I also need features for sales reps so that I can assign orders, quote to dealers.

Hello @Marry_06
You can see here some plugins. But my advice to make multivendor site in Wordpress it is much easier to manage and you can customize to your needs. In Magento will cost you 5x more than in Wordpress

Highly recommend you Magento 2 Dealer Extension with Dealer Store Locator

Thanks, I’ll check it

hi @Marry_06
I’ve searched some solutions that enable dealers to manage store on a supplier website. I found this Dealer extension with dealer store locator for Magento 2
Hope that can help you!