[[ Deadly Category Experiment ]]

All newest items are without sales, and without views. “Awesome experiment…”

Take a look at the psd category :joy::joy::joy:it’s like taking a walk on design’s memory lane. There are products that haven’t been updated in 8 years. Everything looks soooo old. This is a category where visitors come to see what’s fresh and new…

They ignore all authors except top authors!! Best selling items already have huge monthly sales, even without this aggressive promotion by Envato, so I just don’t get this move.
It favors only a small percent of authors and it’s generally counterproductive!


Im totally agree with you. Best rated listing items are soo old. Actually Envato should remove that old items. Most of them not updated and not supported.

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You’re right !!!

Sales dropped 60-70% at last 3-4 days. Page Views dropped from 200-250 to 10-15.

We have ready templates. But we don’t upload until close current experiment !!!

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