Dead plugins and absent developers..

Hello @collis

Isn’t it about time that you guys at Envato starting to clean up all the junk plugins that is really old and hasn’t been updated in years (there are so many), and authors that isn’t active anymore?`

This is starting to annoy me more and more as a customer that I have to use loads of time to pile through all the junk plugins to actually find working ones that are maintained and updated by active serious authors that really care about their products.

It takes more and more time to find good products as the searches produces loads of junk results with old dead product items.
For example:
This guy haven’t updated anything in years, all demos fails and his own website is long gone taken down and is displaying ads as it is parked as port of an ad farm.

To make the insult even worse he isn’t the only one; there is thousands of old products and inactive authors. I even found plugins that haven’t been updated 10-11 years old that is still sold in the system. That doesn’t seem very professional at all.

An even worse on top of that, they can still be purchased even the though the code is really old which is potentially dangerous code which can harm your website because:
1.) The code is so old that it is simple not compatible with for example WordPress
2.) Really old code leaves you open to potential severe security breaches/vulnerabilities which hackers can expose and take over your systems.

This really makes me sort of mad too because as customer I have to use a lot of time to sift through all the crap to actually find something that is useful and safe… and same goes by the way for themes etc at ThemeForest and so forth… I will not even to start ranting about that because it would take too long.

It should not be like this, Envato should (at least in my opinion) be a safe and professional place where you as either company, developer or single website owner can find high quality code products that is safe to use, well maintained and easy to find new products in product search.

The problem these days is that it isn’t. It’s reverse filled to max with loads of old junk.

Isn’t it about time you guys start cleaning this real big mess up?

Thanks in advance.
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From what I’ve heard, they’ve already started to clean it up (at least WordPress themes).

You can also report such items to Envato Help:

I’ve removed your example since calling out authors is not allowed, and finding similar examples is (unfortunately) not that hard anyway.

Wow they just edited it and removed the example links… Sigh…

Well @LSVRthemesit is simply pointless to report them because these is so much of that junk. Envato describe themselves as a “professional market place”, but this isn’t reflected when very high percentage of the items sold are really old and outdated - and abandoned too by their authors.

I complained to their support in the past; several times but nothing happens. So I thought I make a last try and post here in the hope they would pick up on it and actually do something about it.

I’ve removed it because again, it is not allowed to call out authors in the forums.

That’s said, I completely agree with you. They should clean it up, there’s way too much junk. Again, from what I’ve heard, they are already working on it.

Reporting it is not entirely pointless, but it is not your job of course.

Exacly. It should be in the best interest of Envato themselves to clean up and create nd provide have a safe and efficient market place for the customers (and selling authors of course) which isn’t the case anymore. I’m really sick and tired of it of having to us loads of time to find good stuff.

And it would take you a life time to report all this outdated junk.It not just worth your time to try and report it.

I did one or two times i think just to test and things were still on the market weeks later and was never even taken down. it just wrong. Plus the process of reporting it is very cumbersome… You have to go through all these pages to even find the darn form. It would be way better if one could report an item as outdated on the shop pages directly.

Hi @AngryWarrior,

As you have known from the above discussion envato is taking steps for the very old items which is not updated for years (around 2 years old), broken functionality, and not compatible with latest technology/tools.

As a regular customer if you find any issue with an item which is full of bugs, broken functionality, not updated since 1-2 years, not compatible with latest technology/tools then we would like to recommend please get in touch with envato customer support and open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check the item (for you and for the marketplace) and will take necessary steps.


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@mgscoder I not a novice, so please don’t treat me like one.

I know all that already and this is obvious that i can open a ticket etc… and you’re basically repeating what LSVRthemes themes said which is totally pointless.

On top off that with no disrespect intended you’re just two selling authors in the platform which also are volunteering to moderate the forums here.

How about real Envato staff came through instead?
Kind regards

How about real Envato staff came through instead

They will just tell you what we are telling you, that they are aware of it and are working on it. Not sure what kind of answer are you expecting. Yes, marketplace cleaning is long overdue, but it will take some time. They will need to review all of potential outdated items manually to prevent false positives. At the same time they also have to review all the new submissions. It simply won’t happen overnight.

But I would too like to hear some official public statement on that. However I think it is currently more like something which is happening behind the scenes, so I wouldn’t hold my breath that you will hear anything from the staff, maybe except for some general answer like we more or less already gave you.

for getting this you have to contact them through envato support systems. So, please contact them if you have any query/suggestions/report/ etc. Thanks

Haha, yes it’s also time to leave Envato for good. So, changes, yiz sir.

Exactly, I could not agree more :smirk: .
That is what I’d like too here to mate. :+1: An official statement and their views on the subject which i why I made this thread.

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Thanks, but i already understood and knew that before i even started this tread.

Kind regards

The best developers in the World are here selling and working their guts out :slight_smile:

Envato is still nr:1, sure is not perfect but is way better than other marketplaces…

True indeed.
But were not talking about them that takes care of their business and are active hard working developers. :ok_hand:

We’re discussing the Envato market place has degraded a lot in quality because there is so much old junk. It is really time consuming these days to find the active developed and supported items.

When you do a search these days I’d say that estimate up to 45 - 60% of the search suggestions/search results is just pure old junk. Some even 12+ years old and stone dead of course… :skull_and_crossbones:

And that is a real issue both for customers that has to spend unnecessary time filtering through all the crap; but it is also an issue for the selling authors because you are basically competing against old junk that makes it harder to be found in the results.

Kind regards

Hi @AngryWarrior,

We (Moderator) has discusssed with envato staff and they let us know that the removing process for very outdated items has started. but I think you are very much concerned about it. if you mention in the open support ticket about any specific items which is broken or compatibility issues or not supported and very outdated with latest technology/tools then I believe they will check it for you.

We also like to clean broken items but Item removing from the Author (who invested much time and effort to develop an item) is not an easy steps because there need to be specific hard reasons (broken/compatibility issues/not supported by author but item status supported and outdated ). only not uptodate can’t be the reason for removing.

Thanks for understanding

I have to agree with you on this one.

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@mgscoder you just keep repeating what already have been said. I understand that.

If you would read my previous replies then you also know that I have already been in contact with them but with no result.

Please write something in this thread about your own point of views on the topic instead of repeating things that is very obvious. That would be way more productive.,

Thank you,

Kind regards

Just suggestion to Envato: create such category as archive and move old scripts there (only authors can see it, all authors), exclude them from searching, disable buy button. Why?

  • for developers ideas, my opinion
  • if author of archived plugin will back later (maybe) and will continue dev
  • as museum =)
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Envato has started the cleaning process, I had a plugin removed as well and had to fix it to fully comply with the Envato review policy so this will not be an issue in the next 1-2 years, of course this takes time, there are many plugins…

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Well if they really do it, it would be a miracle bound to happen because there is so much old crap out there on the platform/online shop. There is litterally hundreds if not thousands of outdated items which is more or less abandoned too. But the autors/devs are still having it open for sale in hope that some fool will buy it, well knowing that their product is more or less dead.

You really need to be careful and check “last update” etc before you buy something.

It’s a potential huge securty risk too because if you by mistake install it you are in peril of getting hacked quite fast.