Deactivating old CDN domains for Envato Marketplaces

In the last couple of weeks Envato has been cleaning up some no longer used content delivery network (CDN) configurations and have discovered that some authors have been linking directly to these CDN domains for resources like item thumbnails. While this isn’t something we’ve offered or supported as a service, we can definitely see why this has been done.

As of August 16th 2017, the following domains will be deactivated.

Note: This will not impact the assets themselves, they are already being served from other domains.

If you have references to any of the domains listed above in your item descriptions or author profiles, we recommend updating your links before August 16th to point to either your own hosted versions or remove them entirely to prevent broken assets. These links were originally intended for use by our applications so we don’t plan to provide an alternative domain for authors to use.

Don’t hesitate to sing out if you have any questions!


Do you see any issues with caching API results for display on external websites? Are we allowed to link to the resources returned in the API results from 3rd party sites, and are those API URLs likely to change/expire quickly?


As a general rule, the API output is :ok_hand: Internally, we ensure that when we move assets around our services account for it without breaking things. The only exception to this will be author controlled content such as item descriptions and profiles which are relying on these URLs despite it never really being a supported thing.

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Just a reminder that this is happening in less than 24 hours and if you are still relying on it, you should hurry to make the updates!

This has been completed. If you are seeing any issues due to this, please open a support ticket.