Dazzle Theme: One page + Image slider

Hey there,

this is about the mentioned theme which I bought some time ago to create my website.

I want to edit some things from ground of, therefore it would be interesting to know if I could use the base structure of this theme again to design my website in a new way?

Of course it would be useful to save the old website somehow.

I miss for example the perfect setting of the anchors in my website, which are already perfectly set in the original one. On this I would like to set up my website in an updated way.

Thanks already for your input and help!


Yes, you can if you have the theme license to use it for your concern website. Thanks

Thanks for your quick answer.

On the envato market they tell me that I got one license for this item --> Download.
For starting a new project, I would need to buy another license.

I am not sure if and where I could start with the original base structure of the website.
Or if a new project means exactly this and I have to buy another license.

If it’s the exact same website just designed differently then it’s the same one project - no need for new licenses

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If you mean new website mean new domian then have to purchase another license. In short each license will work only for a single end product (as like website/domian). for each individual domain have to purchase individual license. Thanks

Nice to hear! Right, it is the exact same website with the same domain.

Do you know where in the WP Dashboard I can find the bare base structure?

Thank you.

if you would like to change the theme design structure then you have to play(customize) with theme coding and theme options, widget settings, visual composer, theme customizer can help you a lot for doing this. Thanks

Alright thanks. Do you know if it´s also possible to delete everything to have the original page of Dazzle afterwards available?

will be better if you ask this questions to the theme author because theme author are most expert about the theme functionality. Thanks