Dazzle Theme got hard rejected


We are new to Envato and tried hard to make our theme implement all the guidelines but still its rejected and we need help from the community to know the reason, please help us, following is the link to the theme online demo:

Sorry but I have to say that this item need a lot of improvements in design. You have to learn a lot, or to find designer with good knowledge.

I will change almost everything here :

  • Colors
  • Spacing
  • Images quality
  • Icons quality

I agree with @themespoints thisis a long long long way off.

Aside from the fundamentals like typography, hierarchy alignment etc.

  • main slider is cropped to the left

  • why have woo commerce but no items to buy or shopfront?

  • footer links all redundant

  • generally the design needs a lot of work and much more individuality

  • validation issues in the code

  • site is very slow to load


You will need to work on your design not to mention it is very simple and looks old.

  • Bad alignment like your top slider, contact form and other,
  • You need to work on your color combination,
  • The slider is aligned to left on big screens,
  • Work on you spacing between elements and sections,
  • Validation issues you can check here -> Validator

and more other, you should look on the themes from Themeforest to see how people combine colors and how they design.