Days on Earnings page

Don’t know if I’m in the right place?..

This isn’t a ‘mission critical’ ask but…

…would it be possible to add the days (M T W T F S S) under the dates in the Earnings graph for the month?

It would help :smile:

Ps - I know the days are underneath with sales but just for quick glances.


Good ideas
Très bonne idée :slight_smile:

I support this idea.

it looks interesting as an idea … :wink:

+1 for this idea :slight_smile:

+1 seems like a reasonable request

Good idea, or just bold Sundays :smile:

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Sunday sales are a nice surprise, aren’t they? :smiley:

Just want to quickly look at Thursday’s (for example) and see any correlations between days/sales.

Just one bold day would still mean counting backwards and forwards. I’m thinking the quickest and easiest way to read the graph and get an immediate overview of your months sales.