Davinci Resolve opener videos aren't working

Most of the opener intro I bring into Resolve 18 isn’t showing the videos or images. Something isn’t working correct when I bring in templates to resolve

Is a purchase from Elements?

Yes. Do you need see what is happening? It just mostly black. Not sure why.

Check the documentation but most likely you bought the template only. The images/videos or audio may not be included to the file.

I bought a 1yr plan for all the items in elements.

Is there anyone I can call about the issue 4408654294

You probably bought the “slide” not the images/videos inside. Read the documentation. It should be some help there.

No, you need to wait an email respond.

Nope, I’ve used envato for years, and it’s not working in resolve 18, none of the templates created in version 16 or 17 are working in 18, I’ve downloaded them, added the images, colors, followed the tuts, all of it. I got nothing, waiting 24 hours for a response then I’m unsubscribing, this has been another waste of time just like when I was trying these tutorials out in after effects, another failed software (Adobe just crashes). —> (Why did you close the issue? I cannot install a previous version without purchasing pro, which is extremely unfair, there needs to be a work around discussed)

It’s compatibility issue then. You may need to install 16/17 version instead.