Davinci Resolve - Collecting files

Hi everyone. I’m trying to upload DR simple logo reveal template but have no idea how to collect all assets. This is 3D pre-rendered scene. Davinci project includes mov file, logo file, and 3D.abc file (3D mesh, that needs to be imported in fusion). The problem is - alembic file (3D.abc) is not collectable, or i don’t know how to export it. Template going to be approved but i stuck on this problem. I was sure, that once i import 3D to the fusion it just copy properties/convert mesh etc. and includ it to project (i never saw 3D assets in the folder after export archive). would it be OK if i include 3D.abc to the zip and will show in tutorial or create guide that shows how to relink that file? any other solutions? need to say that DR is not prepared for templates at all. hard to believe there is no way to send project with all assets to different PC. I see a lot of possibilities that davinci can provide as a template (using all power of fusion, that not possible in AE - for example i can import mesh and use it as matte - this is strong) but if DR is not prepared… annoing. may be i missing something?

Element 3D has the same problem, buyers need to relink models and materials. I saw templates getting approved that show buyers in their help documentation how to do it, so I assume it is fair game in the DR category as well.

I’ll tag @MotionRevolver he can answer what the correct procedure is here.

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Thank you. Relink file in Element 3D is much more simple than in Fusion. If i remember rightly when open AE user got message about relink. Instead of AE, DR just give tons of errors and there is a lot of actions (as for begginer) that need to be done rightly to make it works again… i will try to upload with additional tutorial and will wait for result

Just disconnect the node, or clean the path to your 3D model. There shouldn’t be any error if there is no connection (or path is empty) from the beginning. In tutorial you show how to connect everything again. It’s super easy to explain, and to do for any beginner.
Or I miss something? Did not resolve such a task before.

errors appears any way. It fixes missed file (as it should), but “Merge 3D can not find parameter” or some node need to have input to go through presented logic still here. Probably need to change logic or pipeline when will create next project to avoid those situations. Any way, i’ve made a guide to fix it and going to upload. I will upd topic when it will be accepted or rejected. Thanks

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Try to deselect right and left view on MediaOut. If there is nothing to render at all, there shouldn’t be any error. Then user may import 3D object and turn on MediaOut again.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure your project would not be rejected because of that reason.

@St_Denis As long as you’re including clear and descriptive help documentation to show customers how to re-link the asset since it’s not collectible, that should suffice. Preferably, a video tutorial explaining how to do this would be best.

Approved. Thank all of you for support!