David Cameron's Brexit Music


He is now a composer:

Ha ha! I love my country!!!


Haha, nice! The mood is reflecting Brexit nicely, too!


Haha! That’s ridiculous!


Quality work !


Here’s the original clip, it’s like something out of a comedy show but this was completely real:

It was at once the funniest and least funny moment I’ve ever seen in UK politics. It’s tragi-comedy. For those who don’t know, this was David Cameron announcing his successor Theresa May would take over as Prime Minister tomorrow. So this clown has left the country in chaos and turmoil, his legacy ruined, and he resigns and wanders off humming to himself. Right… good.


Sound matters LOL :))))


I should add that David Cameron did at least go out on a high note … … :neutral_face:


This shows a lot of promise for the upcoming David’s AJ portfolio :wink:


Haha, Great! :smiley:


A composer has taken Cameron’s hum and turned it into a full blown arrangement! He should definitely submit it to AudioJungle…


lol :smile:


hahaha :slight_smile:


No commercial viability


I would buy that for a dolla…Rule Britannia.


A good move from Brits, to end the tyranny of EU.
The question is not Brexit; it’s the EU.
EU will collapse and it is inevitable.


No, it won’t. But such nonsense is fitting in a humour thread, I guess.


laughing :joy: