data-plugin-menuzord icons that appears on the Menu items

" data-plugin-menuzord " attribute has square icons that appears at the end of the menu items

How can I remove the square boxes from the end of the menu items

Hi @erickofpep,

You should get in touch with theme Author for further help, we can’t really do anything without even knowing which theme you are referring to.

If however you are creating theme on your own, you may want to get some help in Menuzords’ Comments or Support section:


my template is “Express - Responsive HTML5 Bootstrap Template”.
And the mega menu that comes with it has square boxes at the end of the menu items.
When I disable “data-plugin-menuzord” in the head section of the html code, those square boxes at the end of the menu items disappears and the drop down menu also disappears.

So in this case how do get rid of the those " boxes" at the end of the menu items

EDITED - I posted wrong template.

As far I’m concerned your template doesn’t come from Themeforest, otherwise please get in touch with its Author for better response.

You may also look for appropriate service in Envato Studio: