Dashboard Problem

Hi All,

I just installed a new theme for my website and activated all the necessary plugins. But after that, my dashboard appeared like this (see attached). Can anyone help me how to fix this? Not sure what I did wrong. I just installed and activated the plugins.

Thank you all. Looking forward to some response.


May I know which theme have you installed? You can deactivate plugins one by one to check if any plugin is doing issues.
Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support. If you have still problem with the theme then the best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author and let them know because Item Author are best expert about their Item functionality.


I purchased the born to give charity crowd funding. So I tried deactivating the plugins awhile ago. But it is not working, it is still active even when I click the deactivate button. =(

Please read this docuemnattion for your theme and go from the refresh start. Hope you will get it working. Otherwise please contact author. Thanks

This is how I exactly installed my theme. But after that, my dashboard appeared differently.

Please clear browser cacahe and check I have no option to check from my side. If still not solved and you think this is for theme issues then contact Author. Thanks

Thank you. I did that as well but nothing’s changed.

theme shouldn’t effect in dashboard design. are you installed Sucuri Website Firewall? If yes you can try with unstall it to check the issues.