Dashboard plus script


last week I’ve bought a new computer and now I’m looking for the statementer script to install it again. I’ve searched in the new forum, but couldn’t find anything. Can someone help me please?

Thank you.

Is that Hard?


Thanks, but I’m searching for the firefox script.

I think it’s possible to type additional stuff in the Google search bar, like ‘firefox script’, for example. It’s a long shot, but it could work.

I tried this, but I couldn’t find the right script.


After googling I found this old forums post from @dtbaker http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/introducing-dashboard-plus/71870?page=46&message_id=1243756&_ga=1.78371223.261136160.1444646000#1243756 I do not know if this still works but you can give it a try.

Yes, that’s it!!! Thank you so much :smile:

Glad this still works in Firefox :smile:

It still works fine :smile: