Dashboard Analytics

I am looking for a script on Code Canyon, or a developer to code analytics.

We have a fully functional website and dashboard. However, we are looking to include some analytics inside the dashboard. Such as pageviews on our main site and such. Is there any scripts on Code Canyon that will do this?

If not are there any developers looking for a quick job?

Why not use google analytics
and then embed the charts on your dashboard.

You can then select whatever metrics you want to be embedded

Have you taken a look at the PHP Scripts > Ratings and Charts section, :wink:

@DevCyber I have tested the Google API, it is not really what I am looking for.
It requires each user to auth your account in the dashboard. Which would then show your account only statistics.

@codeeverywhere Yes I have. nothing relevant.

My original response seems to be hidden.
Here is another google option i tried sometime back. Not sure if the api is still working

Analytics chart

Look here, seems what you are looking for: http://codecanyon.net/item/dashy-powerful-dashboard/9854741